2009年12月11日 星期五


First time using Motion to do animation. This project is about "Designer Homage".My designer is Issey Miyake.

2009年12月10日 星期四

Image Making

I want to design a make-up dressing catalogue in this project. I choose Robort to be my theme, cos they are eternal beauty. People can play with this catalogue also!

Typographic Final

2009年11月18日 星期三

Typographic (Testing)

I choose Titanic be this project topic.This is the testing step.

2009年10月26日 星期一

2009年10月25日 星期日


I feel so happy about my final work. Actually I have done the same project before. But I don't feel so boring that I do it again. It is because I have done the more better things than the past. I think I have improve a lots in doing website. For example, the layout, the graphic etc. I am enjoy in this project.

Tea Flow Chart

2009年7月1日 星期三