2013年6月12日 星期三

2013年6月10日 星期一

2013年5月2日 星期四

Rendezvous at So Uk

Client: Hong Kong Housing Authority
Brief: So Uk Estate was the third public housing estate developed by the then Housing Authority, the predecessor of the Hong Kong Housing Authority. Because the government planned to rebuild So Uk, HKHA want to design a series of postcard to call to remembrance.
*All the photos provided by the client.
Target audience: So Uk resident

2013年4月17日 星期三

Pomegranate juice

Re-design the package of the bottle. Need to considerate which the company wants to use method of screen-printing for production. The colours should not more than 2 and the design should be new, modern and eye-catching.

2013年3月21日 星期四

Herbal Tea

This Herbal Tea, a new health product produced by Tung Wah group of Hospitals. It sells to public at the hospital. There are three types of the tea, Good Sleep American Ginseng Tea , Good Eyes Chrysanthemum Tea and Beautifying Rose Tea. TWGHs Herbal Tea is made with 100% natural herbs. It can refreshing yourself and removing stress after drink these tea.

2013年3月8日 星期五

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