2009年5月12日 星期二


This is a group project of fashion. We need to design a collection of t-shirt for sell. Our brand name is TWELVE. We want to attract people and be unique. Therefore, we decide horoscope and mix with Hong Kong local culture be the theme of our collection.

2009年5月10日 星期日

Protect Ozonosphere!

Group project of create a propaganda advertisment in 2009.
Use a fun love story to tell the important of protecting Ozonosphere. The angel is the personification of Ozonosphere.

2009年5月6日 星期三

Headphone for GIRLS!

Nowadays, the demand of headphone is increasing. Some have good quality, but the design looks boring and boylish. Base on the needs. I designed a headphone is for young girls. Hope girls also can enjoy the music outdoor with a stylish headphone.