2011年6月17日 星期五

How can I be a graphic design student?

How can I be healthy? How can I be rich? How can I be a successful person? etc. These questions always come up in our mind because we have dreams and desires. We can find many guide books in the market, but usually use words to explain the solutions. It is boring and dull. “How can I be a graphic design student?” is the topic of my book. This is for the people who want to know more about design student life, for example those people who want to study design. The illustrations is simple and eye-catching. Beside the usually factors, I have add my own personal talks base on my experiences.

2011年5月3日 星期二

Macmillians - Children's book

This is a children story book design base on German Grimm's Fairy Tales – The Elevs and the Shoemaker.