2010年12月22日 星期三

RSA - Stamps Design

The first successful birth of a test-tube baby occurred in UK 1978. The stamp are showing the process of IVF, and celebrate Robert G. Edwards, the doctor who developed the treatment was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2010.

2010年12月21日 星期二

Airship - limited edition book (Group Project)

This a limited edition book for teenagers. The whole idea is about to create an imaginary world of airships, where we can do what we love the most. The whole book is all illustration based.

2010年8月27日 星期五

Theatre Poster

A playlist group play some historical classic stories in a contemporary way. Romeo and Juliet – Shakespeare is a classical. In the poster, birds mean freedom and they are represent Romeo and Juliet. They are hindered by bird cage and rose vine because they are star-crossing lover. Red colour is emphasis and they don’t have a good ending. Balcony is presenting the famous scene in the story. The Mousetrap – Agatha Christie is a famous murder mystery theatre. I design the poster like the murder leaving the hints. I decide to rip the newspaper and form a message. The hints “Monkswell” is the place where the story happen. The murder set the game in the story. 3 mice are metaphor the victims.

2010年7月17日 星期六

Character Design - Orangutan

This character designed for print on T-shirt. I love it so much. It so cute and make me smile when I look at him!Haha~XDDD

2010年5月13日 星期四

Charity Promotion : the cyrenians

The Cyrenians is a charity organization who mainly help the local homeless in uk. Selling second-hand stuff is a way to increase the donation. At this promotion, I help them to create a character that can represent the cyrenians to attract more audience - children and their parents to donate more unwanted stuff. This character is inspire by the sun shape from their logo. Also, I apply their logo colours red, blue and white in the character.

Character and poster

Shopping bag and T-shirt

Drop box


2010年5月4日 星期二

T h e a t r e P o s t e r s : S h a k e s p e a r e

An young playlist group want to play some historical classic stories in a contemporary way. 2 comedy and 2 tragedy. Here are the poster that design for them. The box means the stage and the story. It is varied and diverse. Comedy poster use bright background and tragedy posters use darker background.

2010年3月7日 星期日


There is no decoration in my room...feel so boring that stay with 4 blank white walls.- -" So I draw one to be the first poster in my room. I love comic style! I love drawing girl!haha~Is it cool?-v-